Rep. Peter King

GOP Rep. Peter King Was Actually Mad About Obama’s Tan Suit

Peter King to Ted Cruz: I’m the ‘Third-Highest Republican’ on TV, So There

Reps. Ellison And King Clash Over Whether Police Should Step Up Surveillance Of Muslim Community

Jon Stewart Lampoons Rep. King’s Feeble Explanation Of His Past Support Of Terrorists

Rep. Peter King: If Arizona Shooter Had Been Muslim, “It Would’ve Been A Total Defense Of Islam”

‘Times Square Bomber’ Faisal Shahzad Sentenced To Life In Prison

Janet Napolitano May Have Been Right…And Other Flight 253 Truths

Why Being On A Watch List May Not Matter

Terror On Flight 253: Who’s Responsible, Bush Or Obama?

Tapper To Gibbs: Flight 253 Suspect Was On A Watch List, Who Was Watching?

Not Again! Another Incident Reported On Amsterdam-to-Detroit Flight 253 (UPDATE)

Janet Napolitano on This Week: The System Worked ‘Like Clockwork’

Rep. Peter King Slams Obama: Where’s The Administration In Wake Of Attack?

Soundbite: Peter King Will Punch You In The Face

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