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GOP Sen. Rob Portman: I Take Trump ‘At His Word’ That He Misspoke Yesterday

WATCH: Stephanie Ruhle Lists GOP ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Tweets Alongside NRA Campaign Donations

Stephanie Ruhle Calls Out Sen. Portman For Florida Tweet: ‘Thoughts, Prayers & $3M in Donations From the NRA’

GOP Sen. Rob Portman: ‘I Don’t Agree With Every Tweet’ By President Trump

GOP Senator’s Speechwriter Moonlights as a Paranormal Detective

Scratch One off the List: Rob Portman Rules out 2016 Run

NBC’s Gregory Challenges GOP Senator to Defend Obamacare/Slavery Comparison

Pollster Finds Voters Support Flawless Immigration Bill, Will Punish GOP’ers Who Oppose Perfection

Sen. Lisa Murkowski Becomes 3rd Republican Senator To Come Out For Marriage Equality

Maddow Predicts Doomsday For GOP: Gay Marriage Rulings Will ‘Come Crashing Down On Republican Party’

Zoinks! New Poll Shows More Backlash Against Senate Defeat Of Background Checks

Martin Bashir Asks If It Takes A Family Member Being Killed For GOP Senators To Care About Gun Violence

Romney Advisor Battles Andrea Mitchell Over GOP Being Two Weeks Late To ‘Defining Civil Rights Issue’

Republican Congressman Opposes Gay Son’s Rights, Admits He’s Being Primitive

Supremely Tiresome: The Gay Marriage Issue Is Inescapable On TV, Radio, Facebook

RNC Chair Reince Priebus: Mike Huckabee Could Be A ‘Model For A Lot Of People’ In The GOP

By Removing The Personal Element And Media Filter, Hillary Clinton Just Eclipsed Obama On Gay Rights

Speaker Boehner Tells ABC He Would Oppose Gay Marriage Even If Family Member Came Out As Gay

Rob Portman ‘Family Friend’ Ken Blackwell Compares Gay Marriage To Polygamy, Incest On CNN

MSNBC Host Grills GOP Rep On Same-Sex Marriage: ‘What If One Of Your Children Were Gay?’

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