Sherri Shepherd

Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd Return to The View

Sherri Shepherd Reportedly Set to Return to The View

Sherri Shepherd on Leaving The View: ‘God Said It Was Time to Go’

Sherri on Rosie’s Flat-Earth Diss: ‘I’m Honored’ if I Gave Her an Aneurysm

Rosie on Sherri Leaving The View: Now No One Will Think the Earth Is Flat

Sherri Shepherd Brushes Off O’Reilly and Maher in Emotional View Farewell

Watch The View Hosts Watch the Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

Sherri Shepherd Explains Departure from The View with Bible

Who Should Replace Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy on The View?

ABC Confirms ‘Exciting New Direction’ for The View Amid Shepherd, McCarthy News

Jenny McCarthy Basically Confirms on Twitter She’s Also Leaving The View

Sherri Shepherd Announces She’s Leaving The View

Barbara Walters Criticizes Ex-RT Reporter: ‘Don’t Make Her a Hero’

Sherri Shepherd Apologizes for Comment on Gays: ‘I Have No Desire to Judge Anybody’

Sherri Shepherd: When I Started on The View, ‘Everybody Hated My Guts’

The Talk’s Sharon Osbourne Apologizes for Telling The View to ‘Go F*ck Themselves’

Coulter Rips The View Hosts for Claim Women Govern Better: ‘Bitchy’ and ‘Hysteria’ Are Female Traits

Fox & Friends Celebrates Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s First Day With Cake, Surprise Guest

O’Reilly Tears Apart ‘Racial Charlatans’ Pushing ‘Propaganda’ That America Is ‘An Unjust Country’

The View Hosts Battle Over Paula Deen: ‘White People In The South Can Be Nostalgic,’ But Not Uncritical

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