Tim Kaine

Senator Tim Kaine Horrifies ‘This is Us’ Fans with Photo of 35 Year-Old Crock-Pot

Tim Kaine: Federal Employees Waiting Outside for Meals in DC Like ‘A Breadline Out of the Depression’

WATCH: Debate Audience Erupts in Laughter After GOP Senate Hopeful Says Trump is ‘Standing up to the Russians’

Varney Interviews Virginia GOP Senate Nominee, Doesn’t Ask About Alt-Right Ties

Tim Kaine ‘Heartened’ by Pompeo’s Secret Trip to North Korea

Clinton Running Mate Tim Kaine Says He Didn’t Get Advance Copy of Her Book … SAD

Tim Kaine: Virginia Could Replace Robert E. Lee Statue With Pocahontas

Tim Kaine Clarifies ‘Treason’ Remarks: ‘I Said Nothing Has Been Proven Yet’

Jesse Watters Defends Trump Jr….By Reading Constitutional Definition of Treason

Tim Kaine Says Trump Probe Now Moving Into ‘Potentially Treason’

Tim Kaine: Trump Fired Comey Because the ‘Noose Is Tightening’ Over the Russia Investigation

Blame Criminal Defense Attorneys For Paving The Way For Trump Media Attacks

Tim Kaine: ‘The Country Is Safer With Stephen Bannon Not on the National Security Council’

WATCH: Tim Kaine Rides D.C. Metro to Make a Point About Trump’s Budget Proposal

Tim Kaine’s Son Arrested With Protesters for Disrupting Pro-Trump Rally

Laura Ingraham Considering Senate Run Against Tim Kaine

Tim Kaine: Michael Flynn’s Either ‘Highly Gullible’ or Has Lost Ability to Judge What’s Fact or Fiction

ABC’s Martha Raddatz Appears to Choke Up While Discussing Implications of Trump Presidency

‘He Has No Fashion Sense’: Tim Kaine’s Old Roommate Pens Hilarious, Heartfelt Open Letter

‘Standard Definition of Flip-Flop’: Chuck Todd Gets Really Tough with Kaine on Clinton

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