It’s Finally Happened! Twitter Officially Expands the Character Limit to 280

John Oliver: Trump’s ‘Using His Own Incompetence As a Defense’ on Russia Investigation

If Dems Care About Election Interference, Then They Should Care About The Rigged DNC

Trump’s Twitter Account Was Disrupted By Disgruntled Employee On Last Day On The Job

Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett Hits Jeff Sessions: ‘Nice Man, Incompetent Attorney General’

Clinton: ‘Of Course’ There’s a Difference Between My Campaign and Trump’s ‘Collusion’ With Russia

Ingraham on NYC Attack: We Shouldn’t Lose Lives Because Politicians ‘Don’t Have the Nerve’ to Protect Us

Colbert on Mueller Indictments: ‘I Know It’s Almost Halloween… But It Really Feels Like Christmas’

Laura Ingraham Tells Viewers She’s ‘Going to Hold the Powerful Accountable,’ Including Trump

Chris Wallace: As Of Now, More Evidence of Russian ‘Democratic Collusion’ Than GOP Collusion

Twitter Mocks Trump For Insisting It’s ‘Commonly Agreed’ That He Didn’t Collude With Russia

Colbert Hits Lou Dobbs: He Wasn’t Lobbing Softballs To Trump Because ‘He Doesn’t Have Balls’

Seth Meyers: Fox News Prefers ‘An Alternate Reality Where Hillary is President’

How Many Democratic Scandals Does It Take For The Media To Give Them Proper Coverage?

Hillary Clinton Reportedly Didn’t Know About the Trump Dossier Until It Was Published

Twitter Mocks Lou Dobbs For Softball Interview With Trump: ‘Will You Marry Me?’

Jake Tapper Compares Trump to Joseph McCarthy: ‘History Doesn’t Repeat Itself, But It Rhymes’

Lindsey Graham to Trump, Corker, and Flake: ‘Knock It Off!’

Hannity Hits ‘Pathetic’ Corker, Flake: ‘Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out!’

DNC Releases Statement on Fusion GPS Report: ‘New Leadership Was Not Involved’

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