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Twitter Hits White House for ‘United Sates’ Typo

North Korean Delegation Reportedly Doesn’t Show Up For Meeting With U.S. Officials

Panelists Pounce on Liberal Fox News Guest Who Admits She Wants Open Border: You Want America to be Europe

Turkey Whines About ‘Aggressive’ Actions From D.C. Police After Erdogan Goons Beat Protesters

New Poll: Canada Hates Us

Iran: U.S. ‘Fighting on Same Side as al-Qaida,’ Used ‘Bogus’ WMD Allegations

Report: U.S. and Other Countries Agree to Give Iran 116 Tons of Uranium

Russians Beaming With Pride After the West Expresses Fear Over Russia’s New Supertank

Obama Twice Suggests Americans Are Too ‘Lazy’ in Overseas Town Hall

The U.S. and Russia Expel Each Other’s Diplomats in Fallout From Attack Outside Embassy

New Jersey, New Hampshire… New Columbia? Washington, DC Pursues Path to Become 51st State

Trump Vows to Withdraw ‘United Straights’ From TPP Deal

Edward Snowden Claims United States Is Performing Mass Surveillance in Japan

New Footage Shows U.S. Soldiers Being Detained by Iranian Forces

Report: More Mexicans Are Now Returning to Mexico Than Are Coming Into US

Obama Administration Finally Shuts Down Failed Program to Train Syrian Rebels

American and Mexican Citizens Used to Play Volleyball Using Border Fence

North Korea Invokes the NSA, Zimmerman to Call U.S. a ‘Living Hell’

Russian Politician: Meteor Was Just ‘Americans Testing Their New Weapons’

NBC News Reporter Blames U.S. For Not Recognizing Hamas And Not ‘Reining In’ Israel

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