Van Jones

‘A Death Warrant for Planet Earth’: Van Jones Fumes Over Trump’s Climate Change Order

Key Trump Ally Breaks With President on Budget Cuts: ‘Meals on Wheels is a Wonderful Program’

Van Jones on 2020 Election: ‘If Oprah Winfrey Ran, She’d Win All 50 States’

Trevor Noah: ‘When I See Trump, I See a Stand-Up Comedian’ Who Knows How to Connect with People

CNN’s Van Jones: ‘There’s a Danger That We All Start to . . . Normalize Trump’

You Have a ‘Prettier Wrapper on the Same Poison’: Van Jones Tells Liberals to Take Trump ‘More Seriously’

Van Jones: Trump Honoring Ryan Owens ‘One of the Most Extraordinary Moments’ in Political History

Van Jones: Trump Needs to Be as Forceful on Other Acts of Hate as He Is on Islamic Terrorism

Bill Maher: Trump as President is ‘Exactly What We Thought and Yet Ten Times Worse’

Bill Maher: I’m Now at the Point Where I’m ‘Begging Mitt Romney to Be President’

Bill Maher to Appear Alongside Van Jones in Upcoming CNN Town Hall

Van Jones Reads Passage From ‘1984’ on Air While Talking Trump, ‘Alternative Facts’

Van Jones: Trump Bringing Up Voter Fraud Could Be ‘Most Genius Thing’ He’s Ever Done

Anderson Cooper: ‘Why Doesn’t Donald Trump Deserve President Obama’s Silence?’

Van Jones Reveals How He Knew More Than the ‘Data Dummies’ Who Got Election Wrong

Van Jones Tells The View Elections Are Won on a Day, Democracy Is Won ‘Every Day’

‘She Was Running Against an Orange Nightmare!’: Van Jones Recounts the Ways HRC Should Have Won

‘Isn’t That What Donald Trump Is?’: CNN Analyst Knocks Trump Supporter For Ripping Rich Celebs

Van Jones on Democratic Party’s Future: ‘The Clinton Days Are Over … You Can’t Run and Hide’

There Will Be An ‘Alternative’ Inaugural Ball Called the Peace Ball on January 19

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