Anderson Cooper Questions Scaramucci on the Widespread Skepticism of His Turn on Trump: Why Now?


Anthony Scaramucci turning on President Donald Trump has been met with much cynicism and skepticism from both supporters and critics of the president.

As Anderson Cooper told Scaramucci tonight, there’s a lot of people who may agree with what he’s saying, but they would then ask: “where have you been?”

Cooper noted how Trump’s behavior hasn’t changed and how the presidential “bullying” he now decries is absolutely nothing new and all the criticisms of Trump have been lobbed against him for years while the Mooch was still on the Trump train.

Scaramucci told Cooper it’s a “very fair criticism” and said, “I’ve got to own that.”

He argued that he believed in Trump’s promise to help out average Americans before saying there are others like him who don’t have “the courage to speak out” and should really think about “what’s right for America.”

At one point, Cooper told Scaramucci he’s seen what people on Fox News have being saying, namely that he’s putting his “finger in the air, sensing which way the wind is blowing, and you want to be able to go to cocktail parties in New York.”

He dismissed it as “nonsense” and asked, “Do you think I want to be doing this?”

At one point during the segment, Scaramucci said the GOP needs a new leader, and he used a Game of Thrones reference (so, y’know, spoiler warning, just in case):

“We can do this, Anderson. I want to bring up the Ice King. Remember the scene in the Game of Thrones where Arya Stark kills him and then all the other dead zombies, like, evaporate? That’s where we are right now. We’ve got to have an Arya Stark come into the room. Let’s knock this guy off, okay? I mean, politically, obviously. Let’s move him to the side.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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