DC Attorney General Reportedly Looking at Charging Trump for Inciting Capitol Riots


The attorney general of Washington D.C. says he is considering charging President Donald Trump with inciting the violent attack on the Capitol building carried out by his supporters.

D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine is weighing charges for the president stemming from the Jan. 6 siege on the Capitol. CNN correspondent Evan Perez reported on the news, but says that Racine is taking an “expansive view of his powers” by claiming that charging the president is within his purview — rather than that of federal prosecutors.

“There is a limitation on what the attorney general’s office can really do here in Washington, D.C,” Perez said. “All criminal prosecutions generally are handled by the U.S. attorney.”

On Saturday, Racine told Fox News, ““My office [has] jurisdiction for a charge called ‘inciting violence’ … [we’re] going to be thorough … we’re going to go where the facts lead. If any individual incited violence, then we’ll go there.”

In an interview with NPR, D.C.’s acting U.S. attorney, Michael Sherwin, was asked about whether he might pursue charges against Trump.

“In any criminal investigation, I don’t care if it’s a drug trafficking conspiracy case, a human trafficking case or the Capitol — all persons will be looked at, OK?” Sherwin said. “If the evidence is there, great. If it’s not, you move on. But we follow the evidence. If the evidence leads to any actor that may have had a role in this and if that evidence meets the four corners of a federal charge or a local charge, we’re going to pursue it.”

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