Don Jr. Bashes Samantha Bee and Media as ‘Irrelevant’ in Breitbart Interview: ‘Double Standard!’

Donald Trump Jr. used an interview with  SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Saturday to hammer what he sees is a “flagrant double standard” in the media that was exposed by the recent controversy surrounding Samantha Bee and Roseanne Barr

Speaking with host Matt Boyle, the Trump son called Bee and the media “irrelevant” but noted that the nice thing about the controversy that has dominated the news cycle in recent days was that it showed how “the double standard play out.”

“You see everything that happens. And you know, people make mistakes, but when they apologize, when the left apologizes, ‘Oh, okay, that’s great,'” the Trump son opined.

He then noted it was not, in his estimation, the same on the right.

“If someone on the right apologizes, guess what? It doesn’t mean anything. You’re fired, you lose your job,”  he continued on. “It’s the double standard in the response and in the vitriol. They double down on the [inaudible] fake apology and it’s like nothing ever happened. If you apologize and you’re a conservative, it doesn’t matter. You get zero credit for it. You’re ruined for life. Everyone around you is forever… It’s such a flagrant double standard.”

He then blamed the whole thing on the media’s echo chamber at work.

“The media is still talking to their echo chamber,” Trump Jr. said.  “Their five friends in a room in New York are saying, ‘Ha, yeah! You got him! You really got him this time!'”

Trump Jr. then concluded by suggesting the “ridiculous” media’s tactics were not working.

“But you know what, everyone else is saying ‘These people are ridiculous.’ That’s why they have no more credibility,” the First Son told Boyle. “So I think in the end, it actually works to our benefit because they’ve just gone too far. And they continue to do so every single day.”

Listen above, via SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday. (Start time around 12:30 mark)

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