Ex-GOP Rep. Joe Walsh Goes After Tucker Carlson Viewers: How Many Saw His White Supremacy Comments and ‘Nodded?’


Conservative radio host Joe Walsh attacked Fox News host Tucker Carlson for calling white supremacy a “hoax,” pointing to Carlson’s massive reach with his audience.

Walsh, a former GOP congressman in Illinois, was appearing on CNN Right Now with Pamela Brown Friday.

Brown asked Walsh about Carlson, who announced he was going on vacation after his widely-criticized comments calling white supremacy a “hoax.”

“Earlier this week he portrayed the concerns about white supremacy as a hoax. It’s clearly not a hoax. But what is your reaction to those comments?” Brown asked.

“My reaction to what Tucker said was: despicable. Tucker said that two days after 22 people were killed by a white supremacist. Tucker Carlson said white supremacy is a hoax,” Walsh responded.

“But then I get really sad, Pamela, because 3 to 4 million people listen to Tucker Carlson every single night. And when Tucker Carlson had the nerve to say white supremacy is a hoax, how many of those 3 to 4 million people watching him nodded their heads? That makes me so sad,” he continued.

“We know from the FBI that a majority of the domestic terrorism cases which are on the rise for the FBI are white supremacists,” Brown added.

Walsh was asked generally about the charges of white supremacist rhetoric lodged against President Donald Trump and an Axios report arguing Trump allies believing the president will benefit from being called a white supremacist.

“Trump believes and people around Trump believe the only way he can win is to divide this country. Again, how sad is that? So all these doing is he’s speaking to his 35% of the American people who would do anything for him,” Walsh said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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