Gloria Allred Holds Press Conference, Addresses Notes Beverly Nelson Wrote in Yearbook


Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson, with lawyer Gloria Allred in tow, conducted a press conference today pushing back against the idea that Moore’s yearbook signature was “forged,” despite admitting that she did add the date and location afterwards.

The yearbook note in question reads “To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say Merry Christmas. Christmas 1977. Love, Roy Moore, D.A. 12-22-77 Olde Hickory House.”

Allred told the press conference that her client had always meant to only include the signature and the Christmas greeting as being written by Moore, saying that she had the signature analyzed and it matched that of Moore.

“She never said that he wrote that,” Allred told the press, referring to the date and location that appear at the end of the quote.

Allred continued to speak highly of Nelson throughout the presser.

“She’s just so brave. I can’t tell you, this kind of courage is something that should inspire so many people, especially women,” she said.

The lawyer also added that Nelson could actually be in physical danger.

“I think she’s in danger and she knows it,” she said. “There are people who feel very comfortable saying things like ‘she should be stoned in the town square’ and sending a photo of a casket. Who does that?”

“This is not easy against a well-funded, political and powerful guy in Alabama.”

Nelson added, at the end of the press conference, that Roy Moore’s wife, Kayla Moore, was actually in her high school class, even pointing out her picture in the yearbook, with Allred adding “guess he was interested in teenagers.”

Allred also noted that the duo would welcome the yearbook to be analyzed by the Senate.

You can watch a clip above, via CNN.

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