NBC’s Jonathan Allen Reveals Trump’s ‘Odd Little Office’ The FBI May Not Have Searched Despite ‘Boxes Piled All Over The Place’


NBC’s Jonathan Allen broke an exclusive story Monday about Donald Trump‘s “odd little office” in Florida that the FBI has not searched as part of its efforts to retrieve classified documents.

“Here’s a guy who says that his name, Trump, the brand, is worth billions of dollars. If you go visit his office in West Palm Beach, Florida, it would be hard to find the address because they don’t publicize it. You would find that there’s no name on the door, no official seal, no unofficial seal,” Allen said on Andrea Mitchell Reports.

“There was classified documents that was sitting in that office when Mar-a-Lago was raided. It was later moved to Mar-a-Lago. That’s part of the reason that the Justice Department prosecutors asked Trump’s team, his legal team, to start searching other places,” Allen said as Mitchell exclaimed, “Wow.”

Allen continued, “So, this office was searched by a private firm on behalf of Trump’s lawyers. But it has not been searched by the FBI. Or at least, there’s no indication it’s been searched by the FBI. People who have seen it have said that there’s boxes, bankers boxes, like the ones you saw at Mar-a-Lago, piled all over the place.”

Allen said that political aides are currently working out of the office.

“It is not clear that he’s put any safeguards in place to allow for government work to be done in the government place and political work to be done in a political place. So, it will be interesting to see what comes of all of this, but the truth is, he’s got this very odd little office about 10 minutes from Mar-a-Lago that’s holding a lot of boxes of stuff.”

Mitchell interjected, “In addition to classified material, which is its own category, any presidential records, post-presidential records, belong to the National Archives. Belong to the people.”

Trump was indicted on charges he violated the Espionage Act for taking 31 classified documents that included information on national security. Also indicted were aide Walt Nauta and property manager Carlos De Oliveira. All have pleaded not guilty.

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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