NBC’s Peter Alexander Corners McEnany: If Trump’s Worried Enough to Want Election Delay, Why Isn’t He Devoting Resources to Protect Vote?


On Friday morning during a White House press briefing, NBC’s Peter Alexander cornered Kayleigh McEnany on President Donald Trump’s suggestion of an election delay by asking why — if he’s so concerned about a rigged outcome — the administration is not devoting more resources to protect the vote.

“If the president is so worried about how long it’ll take to count ballots in this election, then why isn’t the president and this White House doing everything it can to secure more funding for staffing and other resources to make sure that we can have a safe and proper election?” Alexander asked.

McEnany dodged — offering up a boilerplate answer about the White House’s attention being concentrated on preventing voter fraud.

“What this White House is focused on is making sure that our election is not riddled with voting fraud, and that the timetable is not hung up here,” McEnany said. “There are several lawsuits that the campaign has engaged on, and I would point you to the campaign for specifics on those.”

Alexander intejected.

“That doesn’t answer my question, though,” Alexander said. “My question is what is the White House doing to get more resources for funding and staff to make sure — as the president says — that it will be a secure and safe election?”

“Well as you know Peter, states run their elections,” McEnany replied. “And it’s up to states to make sure that they have the capacity.”

“And the states are asking for more money,” Alexander noted.

McEnany went on to cite several pieces questioning that the mail-in vote process could have problems — but again did not address Alexander asking about what the White House is doing to secure the resources meant to address those problems.

The press secretary called on Darlene Superville of the AP for the next question, but Alexander continued to press. So McEnany skipped over Superville and called on Jenn Pellegrino from Trump-favored OAN who jumped right in — shutting down Alexander.

Despite the fact that much of the vote likely to take place by mail across the country, Trump has repeatedly pushed cost-cutting measures for the U.S. Postal Service. Postmaster general Louis DeJoy, a Trump-appointee and major donor to the president, called for major cuts across the board earlier this month.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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