Obama Dunks on Trump’s Social Media Game: ‘I’ve Got 100 Million Twitter Followers’


Barack Obama dropped some of his patented “subtle shade” Friday morning when he addressed a leadership forum in India. It was a wide ranging conversation that touched on everything from the lasting effects of climate change to the need for people to let loose once in a while, to surf and dance, as he put it.

Obama also discussed the dangers of technology, which led to some brutal dings against President Donald Trump.

“You know, I have about 100 million Twitter followers, more than some people who use it a lot,” he said, not actually naming the president, who has 44 million Twitter followers. “Don’t say the first thing that pops into your head, have a little bit of an edit function, that’s good advice for life.”

“You have to listen more.”

For the record, Obama actually has 97 million Twitter followers, but let’s give the retiree a break and round up to 100 million.

“Think before you tweet,” Obama continued. “Same principle.”

Trump was also the obvious reference point during this exchange on climate change.

“I can have a debate with someone about climate change and about what we need to do, but if you call climate change a hoax, I don’t know what to do with that,” said Obama.

The former president also took a few hours out to speak to young people.

During this question-and-answer session, he had some harsh words for politicians who overstay their welcome, particularly aging Democrats who refuse to step aside for younger faces.

“Look, I’m a member of the Democratic party in the United States, I’m a very proud member,but the truth is, that we have a lot of leadership that’s been there for — since I was a kid,” he said. “It means that young people who aspire to have influence get blocked. They have nowhere to go.”

“The other thing is that over time, if you have been a leader for too long in the same spot you start losing touch.”

Finally, Obama said one thing that will resonate with Americans staring down a weekend, “I’m all for pizza and beer.”

It’s Friday, everyone!

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