Trump Bristles After ABC’s Kyra Phillips Asks: ‘Do You Have an Issue With a Strong Woman of Color Being in This Presidential Race?’


President Donald Trump was asked by ABC News correspondent Kyra Phillips whether he has “an issue with a strong woman of color” being in the presidential race, Friday after he called presumptive Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris a “mad woman.”

“Kamala Harris, you’ve been very blunt about how you feel about her being nasty, ‘mad woman’…” said Phillips, prompting Trump to interrupt, “I haven’t been blunt. I said she treated Joe Biden worse than anybody else.”

“I watched those debates. They were very boring, but they were debates, nevertheless, and I watched pretty good parts of them. She treated Biden worse than anybody else by far,” Trump continued.

Phillips then questioned, “Well let me ask you this then, do you have an issue with a strong woman of color being in this presidential race?”

“None whatsoever,” Trump said, in a bristling reply. “As you know.”

“You don’t see her as a threat?” Phillips said, pressing.

“No. None whatsoever,” Trump concluded. “Nope. Not at all.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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