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Trump Celebrates ‘Terrible’ Mitt Romney’s Negative Covid-19 Test: ‘I Am So Happy I Can Barely Speak’

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President Donald Trump shared a Breitbart News report that Senator Mitt Romney had tested negative for coronavirus Wednesday morning in what many will surely see as a passive-aggressive, sarcastic and mocking tone.

Trump learned during a White House press conference a few days ago that Romney was going into self-quarantine and replied with “gee, that’s too bad,” in a tone that elicited an immediate follow-up question as to whether that was a sarcastic comment. While Trump denied any sarcasm in that response, it is difficult to deny sarcasm in the following tweet.

“This is really great news!” Trump opens earnestly, before going into an absurd level of hyperbole adding that he was “so happy, I can barely speak.” In case there is any doubt in the intended subtext, Trump then follows by insulting the Senator from Utah, calling him a “terrible presidential candidate and an even worse U.S. Senator.”

“He is a RINO, and I like him a lot!” Trump concluded. Read the tweet:

There are certain to be a number of most loyal Trump supporters who will refuse to see any sarcasm or trolling on behalf of the president. People get the government they deserve.

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