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Trump Complains He Wasn’t Thanked For Forgoing Presidential Salary When Asked If He’ll Bail Out Own Businesses

President Donald Trump lamented a previous commitment he made when asked if he will bailout his own businesses at Sunday’s press briefing from the White House coronavirus task force.

Trump was asked by Washington Post reporter Seung Min Kim about the coronavirus stimulus bill that was blocked by Senate Democrats on Sunday night — and whether he would “commit publicly that none of that taxpayer money will go towards your personal properties.”

In response, Trump said that “nobody cared” when he committed to forgo the $400,000 presidential salary.

“Nobody said thank you,” Trump said. “Nobody said thank you very much.”

“But I guarantee if I took it, you would go after me, you in particular would go after me like crazy,” Trump said to Kim of the salary. He refrained from committing to the reporter’s premise that none of his properties would receive bailout money.

Later in the presser, another reporter asked Trump about whether he or his family sold any stocks amid the market decline that has accompanied the coronavirus pandemic.

“I don’t have stock. I own things,” Trump said. “It’s very interesting that you ask a question like that. You know, nasty question, and yet it deserves to be asked I guess.”

Trump claimed, dubiously, that “it cost me billions of dollars to be president of the United States.”

“I think it’s very hard for rich people to run for office. It’s far more costly,” he added, citing Mike Bloomberg’s ill-fated presidential run, which nearly $1 billion.

Watch above, via CNN.

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