Trump Says He Will Sit For a Deposition For Social Media Lawsuit: ‘I Look Forward to It’


Former President Donald Trump said he will give a deposition for his lawsuit against social media companies — even though that means he’ll have to testify about the storming of the U.S. Capitol.

Trump sat for an interview to Bill O’Reilly after announcing his class action lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook and Google over his bans from the platforms in the wake of the violent insurrection carried out by his supporters on Jan. 6. As Trump slammed “bad people” in big tech, O’Reilly noted that the lawsuit was “unprecedented,” and he asked Trump how he’ll respond when social media companies argue in court that he was banned for inciting the riot.

“I didn’t,” Trump claimed. He went on by denying his involvement in the insurrection, complaining about the media, bragging about the size of the rally that turned into the riotous mob, and once again pushing his false claims about “the fraudulent election.”

Trump has a long history of threatening lawsuits that he doesn’t follow through with. O’Reilly noted “they’re gonna want to take a deposition from you” as part of the lawsuit’s discovery litigation, meaning Trump will be forced to give sworn testimony about January 6th.

“You gonna sit for a deposition?” O’Reilly asked.

“Sure. I mean, I look forward to it actually,” Trump replied. “I love talking about the election fraud.”

These comments come after Trump called the Capitol riot an “unfortunate” event, even while he complained about how “unbelievable unfairly” his supporters have been treated after being charged for the riot.

Watch a snippet of the O’Reilly interview above — the full interview airs Thursday evening on The First.

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