comScore Trump Says He's Considering Executive Order on Census

Trump Says He’s Considering Executive Order on Census Citizenship Question


President Donald Trump told reporters he is considering an executive order to put a question asking people if they are citizens on the 2020 census, potentially circumventing the courts.

“We’re thinking about doing we have four or five ways we can do it. It’s one of the ways that we’re thinking about doing it. We’re doing well on the census,” Trump told reporters Friday.

Trump also mused, “We could also add an addition. So we could start the printing now and maybe do an addendum after we get a positive decision,” apparently saying they could send out an addendum to the official census forms to ask if people are citizens.

The Supreme Court, in a majority opinion led by Chief Justice John Roberts, rejected the Trump administration’s rationale for adding the question, but left open the possibility that they could return with a new argument.

Administration lawyers initially said they planned to leave the question off the census forms, before Trump rebuffed those plans in a tweet.

The New York Times reported Trump administration officials had insisted the deadline to being printing census forms was last month.

Watch above, via CNN.

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