Trump Says He’s Not Worried About Tulsa Rally Because Coronavirus is ‘Dying Out’ As 754 Americans Died That Day


President Donald Trump dismissed the possibility of a coronavirus outbreak at his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma during an interview with Gray TV’s DC bureau chief Jacqueline Policastro, telling the reporter that the virus was “dying out” on a day that more than 700 Americans died.

“No, because if you look the numbers are very minuscule compared to where it was,” Trump told the reporter, assuring her that he was not worried his rallygoers would get sick. “It’s dying out.”

Trump ignored that hundreds of Americans are still dying from Covid-19 on a daily basis — 754 died from the coronavirus on Wednesday, the day of his interview, while more than 116,000 Americans have died in total.

“No, we’re not concerned. Actually Oklahoma has had a very low rate relatively speaking,” Trump noted. “There’s a little spike, a small spike, for a specific reason.”

Despite Trump’s claim that Oklahoma has only had a small spike leading up to his rally, top health officials urged the Trump campaign to push the event back because the state has just seen its largest daily increase in coronavirus cases.

The president boasted about the large crowds that were already gathering for the rally but noted that his administration would provide optional masks and hand sanitizer to attendees.

“We had over a million people apply, they had people now, days ahead, lined up,” he said. “They have big lines of people, over a million people tried to get tickets for the event.”

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