WATCH LIVE: Trump’s Tuesday White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing


President Donald Trump and the White House Coronavirus Task Force will be holding their next press briefing at 5 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

On Monday, President Trump hijacked the coronavirus press briefing — turning it into an anti-media campaign.

In the middle of the briefing, President Trump played a video compilation of media figures and commentators downplaying the coronavirus.

“The Media Minimized the Risk from the Start,” the video declared.

At the end of the video, Trump said, “We can give you hundreds of clips just like that. We have them.”

“We didn’t want this to go on too long, but I just want to say it’s very sad when people write false stories, like in that case I guess it was mostly from the New York Times which is a highly — I mean, if you had libel laws, they would have been out of business even before they will end up going out of business,” he continued. “It’s too bad.”

You can watch the briefing live above, via the White House.

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