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Wife of Trump’s Social Media Man Dan Scavino Reportedly Files For Divorce

Dan Scavino, President Donald Trump’s social media man, is getting divorced.

According to HuffPost’s Yashar Ali, county records showed that Dan’s wife Jennifer Scavino filed for divorce in January 2018.

Per HuffPost:

Jennifer Scavino filed for divorce on Jan. 18, 2018 in Dutchess County, New York, where the Scavinos own a home. In county records, she is listed as the plaintiff, while her husband is listed as the defendant. Not much else is known about the cause of divorce, as the state of New York keeps divorce records under seal, and they can only be accessed by the parties involved and their attorneys.

The Scavinos have two children. A wedding announcement in the Poughkeepsie Journal says they were married on Sept. 23, 2000.

The White House director of social media wouldn’t be such an enigma in a normal administration, but given that the fate of the free world hinges on Trump’s Twitter activity, Scavino actually has a pretty consequential job.

As Ali notes, he also holds the title of “assistant to the president, the highest-ranking staff position in the White House, one that he shares with aides like Kellyanne Conway, White House Counsel Don McGhan, and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, among others.”

Scavino has long worked side by side with Trump, and their relationship dates back to the 1990s, when he served as the then-businessman’s caddy. Now in the White House, it has been the subject of debate as to how much control Scavino actually has over Trump’s Twitter habits, given the president’s proclivity for embarrassing misspellings and bizarre time gaps between consecutive tweets.

Watch a CNN interview with Scavino above.

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