Dan Scavino

Dan Scavino Ridicules CNN’s Jim Acosta For Reporting on Trump’s Post-Irma Florida Trip

Fake News: WH Social Media Director Dan Scavino Deletes Inaccurate Hurricane Irma Tweet

‘WAKE UP!!!!’ White House Social Media Chief Fires Off Angry Tweet to London Mayor

White House Social Media Director Scavino Slams Boehner Over Trump Dis: He’s the ‘Disaster’

‘Your Hate is So Sad’: Trump Social Media Chief Blasts ‘Dummy Don Lemon’

Trump Social Media Director Dan Scavino Threatens to Share Video of Hillary Concession Call

White House Social Media Director Tweets That GOP Rep. Justin Amash Should Be Defeated in Primary

Trump and De Blasio Aides Feud on Twitter Over Who Will Foot Police Bill

Megyn Kelly Accuses Trump Aide of Directing Online Harassment at Her

‘Grow Up’: Fox’s Gutfeld Smacks Trump Adviser for Calling Him Nasty ‘Third Rate Talent’

Trump Adviser Trashes Megyn Kelly After Gingrich Interview: ‘Watch What Happens to Her…’

Trump Campaign Says They Won’t Have ‘Hater’ Hugh Hewitt Banned From GOP Convention

Trump’s Social Media Director: ‘In the Evenings,’ Trump’s the One Tweeting

Watch Supporters Chase Donald Trump’s Motorcade Like He’s The Beatles

Hundreds of Fake Twitter Accounts Really, Really Like Donald Trump

An Emotional Amanda Carpenter Responds to Cruz Affair ‘Smears’ from Trump Advisor

Trump Campaign Falsely Attributed Anti-Cruz Attack to a Former GOP Senator

Trump Senior Adviser Accidentally Tweeted Out a Vine of His Legs

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