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ABC Family Making Drama Series Based on Amanda Knox Case


“Foxy Knoxy” is coming to the small screen — or at least a version of her will be. ABC Family has announced the pilot for Guilt, an “edgy, soapy thriller” that revolves around the gruesome, kinktastic murder of a young woman’s roommate and the investigation surrounding the lead character, the young woman who becomes the prime suspect. If that sounds a lot like the Amanda Knox trial, then you can tell where the producers got their inspiration.

Knox, as you may recall, was entangled in a legal battle in Italy over the 2007 murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, until she ultimately had her conviction overturned by the Italian court. Now on the verge of releasing a memoir about her ordeal, Knox became a target of the media because of the gossip-friendly romance she was having with the other suspect in the murder, her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito. Murder, sex, intrigue, Italy… it was a tabloid sensation, and now it could become a TV series if the pilot goes well.

According to Variety:

Viewers will question whether she’s a naive, young girl whose poor decisions are being magnified under the ruthless British tabloids or whether she’s a sociopath who actually killed her friend. Even her own sister who comes to London to defend her will question how well she really knows her little sibling as more and more ugly truths come to the surface. The mystery will twist through all layers of London society — from a posh, but depraved, sex club all the way up to the Royal Family.

Sounds hot, hot, hot.

[h/t Variety]

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