ABC News Anchor Asks Elizabeth Warren if Calling Trump Racist ‘Is Name-Calling, Too’

1thumbRacists are people, too, seemed to be the message from ABC World News Tonight anchor David Muir Wednesday night when he corralled Massachusetts Senator and liberal icon Elizabeth Warren at the Democratic National Convention to ask her about Donald Trump‘s most recent attack on her. After inviting Warren to call Trump racist for his constant “Pocahontas” references, Muir then scolded her for taking him up on the offer:

Muir: During your speech, Donald Trump sent out a tweet calling you ‘Pocahontas.’

Warren: I’m shocked.

Muir: Is that racist?

Warren: Donald Trump has proven that he is a thin-skinned racist…

Muir: But is that calling him a name, too?.

Warren: No, it fits the facts. Come on. Look at what he has said about Mexicans. Look what he has said about Muslims. Look what he says over and over.

The exchange was flagged by Media Matters researcher Brendan Karet.

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