ABC’s Cecilia Vega Reports ‘Growing Divide’ in West Wing Over a Potential Trump Address on Protests, Riots


ABC News senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega reported on This Week Sunday morning that there is a “growing divide inside the West Wing” over whether the president should be addressing the nation on the protests and riots going on in multiple U.S. cities.

“On one side, among others Jared Kushner,” Vega reported, “who wonder what the political benefit is of having the president address the nation from the Oval Office, they wonder whether this will do more harm than good. Frankly, they know he’s not a huge fan of giving the Oval Office address, that he’s made mistakes in them in the past, the White House has had to scramble to play clean-up on that.”

There are others like Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, however, “strongly encouraging him to do this,” Vega added.

“They say that he appear to be a strong leader, a unifier, a healer at this time of great crisis in our country,” she continued. “And frankly, there’s a belief this could help him with the African-American vote during an election year.”

CNN reported this afternoon on that “serious divide” as well:

Trump is being urged by some advisers to formally address the nation and call for calm, while others have said he should condemn the rioting and looting more forcefully or risk losing middle-of-the-road voters in November, according to several sources familiar with the deliberations…

As aides debate how and whether to confront the situation, Trump’s back-and-forth between violent rhetoric and a more measured tone has weighed in the deliberations, one official said. Some advisers wonder whether a presidential address calling for calm would be quickly erased by Trump’s own penchant for escalation and instigation.

You can watch Vega’s report above, via ABC.

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