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ABC’s Jonathan Karl: Fundraising For Rick Perry’s Campaign ‘Has Essentially Dried Up’

Rick Perry‘s poor debate performances have not just hurt his public image, they’re starting to hurt his campaign’s ability to raise money. An anonymous source within the Republican party explained several days ago that Perry’s campaign fundraising “has ground to a halt,” even before his cringeworthy forgetfulness at last Wednesday’s CNBC debate. ABC News Senior Political Correspondent Jonathan Karl said as much on This Week earlier today, while admitting Perry’s performance was much improved during last night’s CBS debate.

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Christiane Amanpour asked Karl if after Perry’s poor debate performances, fundraisers were feeling “a little squishy.” Karl explained exactly how much the Perry campaign has been hurt in the past few weeks.

“From all I hear, the fundraising has essentially dried up for Perry. I mean, look, his campaign was in serious trouble before he had his debate performance on Wednesday.”

Karl admitted Perry’s performance during last night’s debate was much improved, and had he been that confident and relaxed all along his campaign might not be stuck in the rut as it stands at this point.

Watch the video below, courtesy of ABC:

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