Amy Klobuchar Hits Back at Bloomberg: ‘I Don’t Buy’ His ‘Everyone Else Sucks’ Argument for Getting Into Primary

Minnesota Democratic Senator and 2020 contender Amy Klobuchar rejected the premise Michael Bloomberg’s campaign used to justify his late entrance into the presidential election.

In an interview with Chuck Todd on Meet The Press, Klobuchar expressed confidence that the Democrats will inevitably be able to unite against Donald Trump, even if the nominees are currently fighting amongst themselves. In terms of her own 2020 chances, Klobuchar argued that “the momentum is on our side,” even as she acknowledged that “I’m never going to be able to compete with two billionaires” [Bloomberg and Tom Steyer] who’ve eclipsed their competitors with the millions they’ve spent on TV advertising space.

“You seem particularly insulted by Bloomberg’s entry,” Todd observed. He continued to say Klobuchar sounds like she’s accusing Bloomberg of encroaching on her position as a moderate Democrat substitute in case Joe Biden falters.

“I have admiration for the work that [Bloomberg’s] done,” Klobuchar said, “but I don’t buy this argument you get in because ‘everyone else sucks.’ I just don’t. I think we have strong candidates. I don’t think any of the polling or the numbers show that people are dissatisfied with all their candidates, they’re just trying to pick the right one.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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