Ana Cabrera Shuts Down GOP Strategist’s Border Claims: ‘The Facts are Important’


CNN’s Ana Cabrera did not allow GOP strategist Alice Stewart‘s claim about who is attempting to cross over our nation’s borders go unchecked.

Instead, she stopped Stewart in her tracks.

It all happened during a conversation about President Donald Trump‘s speech in front of the Republican Jewish Coalition on Saturday.

Cabrera had started off by reading this tweet from David Axelrod, responding to Trump’s words.

She then asked Stewart to respond.

“[Trump] has been quite clear all along. When, he’s saying our country is full, he is specifically referring to people trying to come into this country illegally. That’s the context of what he was referring to…” Stewart began.

Cabrera, though, pressed further.

“But what we heard is he was making fun of asylum seekers,” Cabrera stressed.

“Again, this was speaking to a group of supporters,” Stewart tried, before admitting she does not condone or agree with “a lot of the method in which he conveys his message.”

The GOP strategist then made it clear, though, that despite the president’s methods, she does agree that it is time to “get tough” on immigration.

Then, a little while later in the conversation, in an attempt to defend her “get tough” stance, Stewart tried to make the claim that those coming to our nation’s southern border included a lot of single men.

“You can show any frame of video that we have of people coming into this country illegally, you will see a lot of single men coming into this country not for assimilating into this country and not for seeking a better life for themselves,” Stewart claimed.

“Let me stop you there for just a second,” Cabrera interrupted.

“The facts are important,” Cabrera continued on. “We do know according to the president’s administration, the majority of people they are seeking to cross the border right now are women, children and unaccompanied minors, but families and unaccompanied minors make up 60% of those currently crossing the border.”

Stewart then claimed that she is not disputing the numbers of families crossing the border but insisted we “cannot ignore” those coming across the border for “gang activity” and other crimes.

Watch above, via CNN

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