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Anderson Cooper Knocks John Bolton: ‘Teased’ His Book a Lot ‘But Didn’t Actually Say Anything of Substance’

Anderson Cooper tonight lightly swiped at John Bolton for “continuing to tease, not tell” with respect to his upcoming book about his time in the Trump administration.

Bolton was very cagey at an event today at Duke University, saying there are things he can’t discuss because the book is still in pre-publication review and swiping at White House attempts at “censorship.” He was directly asked about Ukraine and teased it as the “sprinkles” on an ice cream sundae, in addition to another response where he just said people wondering about Ukraine will like Chapter 14.

Cooper contrasted Bolton with “other public servants who are taking their own public duty more seriously,” bringing up the former DOJ officials speaking out criticizing Bill Barr and calling on him to resign.

He also noted the Federal Judges Association is reportedly calling an emergency meeting tomorrow in the wake of last week’s big DOJ news and the concerns raised about intervention in cases concerning the president’s allies.

Cooper again referenced Bolton and remarked that there’s clearly plenty going on to alarm all of these current and former officials, but “not enough, of course, for John Bolton… to speak candidly.”

“He actually teased Chapter 14 of his book today but didn’t actually say anything of substance.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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