Anderson Cooper Mocks Fox News: They Handled Hannity Like a ‘Respectable’ News Outlet…Just ‘Kidding’


It’s been quite a night on cable news. At the exact same time that Fox News’ Sean Hannity was throwing barbs at CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Cooper was messing with Fox News for not addressing the inherent conflict of interest that arose when it was revealed that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen‘s “mysterious” third client was one of their own.

In an introduction to a segment about Hannity with a six-person panel, Cooper said: “In the two days that have elapsed since the president’s lawyer Michael Cohen was forced to reveal in court that the mystery client he tried to keep secret was, in fact, Sean Hannity, the consequences have been swift.”

“Fox News did what any respectable news organization would do when faced with the knowledge that one of its anchors went on the air time after time after time to breathlessly report on someone without disclosing his own personal connection to the story,” Cooper continued before he broke character and smirked.

“I’m kidding,” he said as the panel laughed. “They don’t care. They didn’t care.”

Cooper explained that Fox spoke to Hannity and concluded that he “still has [their] full support.” He went on to say, though, that the Fox News anchor’s connection to Cohen is “not even his most glaring conflict,” citing new Washington Post reporting that Hannity and Trump discuss shows and tweets and that one presidential adviser said Hannity “basically has a desk in the place.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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