comScore Trump Tries to Take Credit For Andrew Cuomo's Soaring Approval Ratings

Andrew Cuomo’s Approval Ratings Are Soaring And Trump Feels Some Type of Way: ‘He’s Gotten Good Marks, I’ve Gotten Great Marks’

Much has been made of President Donald Trump’s rock solid approval rating, despite his administration being criticized for being slow to take the coronavirus crisis seriously, his floating of questionable theories on what’s happening with testing and medical supplies, and even tweeting giddily about the ratings for his Covid-19 press conferences during a global pandemic this weekend.

But Monday morning, Trump scrambled to tamp down Andrew Cuomo’s soaring approval ratings, when asked about the New York governor’s numbers for his his handling of the crisis battering New York.

“He’s gotten good marks, I’ve gotten great marks. I’ve gotten great marks also,” Trump said on Fox & Friends, before unleashing a riff on why the Trump administration deserves credit for Cuomo’s success during the Covid-19 crisis.

“One of the reasons his numbers are high on handling it is because of the federal government. Because we give him ships, and we give him ventilators, and we give him all of the things that we’re giving him, Steve. We’re giving him four hospitals and four medical centers and all of the things that we’ve done. So, I mean, one of the things, and I think he’d admit this, one of the reasons he’s been successful, if I said, ‘No, we’re not giving you four hospitals, and we’re not giving you four medical centers, and we’re not sending you a ship,’ and we didn’t give them thousands of ventilators, by the way, and millions of masks, because we’ve sent them a lot of stuff, well one of the reasons he’s successful is because we’ve helped make him successful.”

The scale of Cuomo’s truly enviable polling bump was put into context on Twitter by Democratic pollster, Nick Gourevitch, who noted that his favorable rating has gone up by 22% among Republicans, 28% among Democrats, and a stunning 33% among independents.

Trump’s own approval was in the news, with Gallup noting that his approval was 49%, with 44% disapproval, and 60% approval for his handling of the coronavirus crisis. On that front, Cuomo is at 87% in New York, 70% with Republicans, and 75% with self-identified conservative voters, Gourevitch also noted.

The Democratic pollster closed his thread by pointing out just how positively Cuomo’s response to the crisis is viewed, noting that those who think New York state is going in the right direction have actually improved… during a health and financial crisis.

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