Andrew Yang Accuses NY Daily News of Lying By Claiming Their Cartoon on Him is Not a Comment on Race


Andrew Yang accused the New York Daily News of being disingenuous in their defense of the cartoon of him that they published — which he has called racist.

As Yang continues to campaign for New York City mayor, he and his wife have slammed the NYDN for depicting him with a “racist caricature” that perpetuates the stereotype that Asians are foreigners to America. Josh Greenman, the paper’s editor, has defended the Yang cartoon by saying it was supposed to be a comment on his “major gaps in his knowledge of New York City politics and policy,” and “this is not a racial stereotype or racist caricature.”

On Thursday, Yang spoke about the cartoon with CNN’s John Berman, and he said “I think anyone objective looking at that cartoon knows that it’s playing on an idea of Asian-Americans as permanent tourists and outsiders.” Yang underlined his point by noting the rising national rate of hate crimes against Asian-Americans.

“So the Daily News characterizing it as simply a political commentary that does not include race just rings false,” Yang said.

Berman followed up by noting that the cartoon showed Yang coming out of the Times Square subway station, lampooning a comment Yang made in a recent interview.

“You don’t think there’s any legitimate way to depict that?” Berman asked.

“Again, the cartoon does not work if it’s a person of a different race,” Yang answered before defending his previous subway comments.

Watch above, via CNN.

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