Ann Coulter Rips Impeachment Hearing Witnesses For Telling ‘Sad Stories’: They Made Me ‘Embarrassed to be a WASP’


Conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter claimed she was “embarrassed to be a WASP” after watching the “Foggy Bottom” witnesses with “cush jobs” during the first day of the impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump last week.

“These Democrat witnesses have to stop thinking this is Queen For a Day. I don’t mean in the indictment sense, I mean an old TV show even before my time where women would come on and tell sad stories and then win, like, a washing machine. It’s all these sad stories,” declared Coulter in a video for the Daily Caller. “The first day of impeachment, to paraphrase Michelle Obama for the first time in my life, I was embarrassed to be a WASP. Oh my good lord, these Foggy Bottom… We don’t need foreign emissaries… We don’t need ambassadors!”

“It used to take three months to sail from New York to London. We have telephones now. We have the internet. Really don’t need them, they get these cush jobs, just eliminate the whole thing. They’re wrong about everything. They didn’t know about 9/11, they didn’t know Iraq was about to invade Kuwait. They famously said the Shah was just fine, five minutes before he fled the country in the middle of the student revolution that took hundreds… two hundred Americans hostage,” she continued. “They have never seen anything coming. Never, never, never, We just pay them to go around and be these great poobahs. They think the inter-agency runs foreign policy. Um, no, check the Constitution. The president does.”

“But that isn’t my main objection to Marie Yovanovitch or whatever her name is. She begins with her Queen For a Day story, saying she came here and became a nationalized American citizen from the Soviet Union at age 18,” Coulter complained. “Fantastic! Let’s bring in a lot of people from other countries, with ancient ethnic grievances, and put them in our State Department so they can, you know, take revenge on their ancient rivals. Let’s get the Turks and Armenians going too. No! We’re America. America… It used to be that to be in Army intelligence you could not have a parent born in a foreign country. Foreign countries including Canada.”

Coulter concluded, “This is the whole problem with putting immigrants, first generation, second generation, into government positions. They are pursuing ancient ethnic rivalries that have nothing to do with America.”

Watch above via the Daily Caller.

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