Ann Coulter To Piers Morgan: You’re A ‘Sexist, Misogynist Pig’ With A ‘Teeny, Tiny Male Ego’

Coulter To Piers Morgan: You're A 'Sexist, Misogynist Pig' With A 'Teeny, Tiny Male Ego'

After watching a clip of Girls creator Lena Dunham‘s new Obama ad, pundit and author Ann Coulter declared it the perfect representation of two groups she wishes she could take the right to vote away from: Young people and women. She later called the 19th Amendment a “rash experiment.”

Host Piers Morgan then asked Coulter to explain why she’d referred to him as a “sexist, misogynist pig” during an earlier break.

Coulter had evidently taken issue with Morgan having told her to “calm down,” adding that she was merely disagreeing with him, not “hyperventilating.” And the mere act of disagreeing with him, she added, “apparently is insulting your teeny tiny male ego.”

She explained her reasoning:

It is the most insulting, condescending, sexist thing to say to a female — generally conservative — who disagrees with you. No, it’s my obligation to back down and accept your point. And if I don’t, “You’re not being calm.”

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