Bernie Goldberg On O’Reilly: Palin Email Dump “No Better Than Levi Johnston”

The Sarah Palin email dump ended up being something like the 21st Century Al Capone’s vault, with nothing but emails showing that the former Alaska governor did her job, interacted with friends and family, and occasionally made statements. On The O’Reilly Factor tonight, Bernie Goldberg called the release of the emails a “persecution” on par with “that lowlife Levi Johnston.”

Bill O’Reilly introduced the segment with the sheer amount of media resources dedicated to the effort, and acknowledging that he had “my little differences with the governor; I don’t let her spin on this program.” That said, he was against her “persecution,” which Goldberg agreed was a product of the fact that “Sarah Palin is box office. She sells newspapers and gets ratings.”

The most morally reprehensible thing for Goldberg about the way the media treats Palin is that “they don’t have any respect for her, they think she’s stupid,” but “it doesn’t bother them to use her fame to make some money for themselves.” The shamelessness of it, he concluded, was on par with Levi Johnston’s. Goldberg also reiterated that the media would never admit this bias against her, and that it much of it is harkening to the “halcyon days” of old media– a point with which O’Reilly agreed.

The segment via Fox News below:

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