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Bernie Goldberg to O’Reilly: Fox Hosts Were ‘Cheerleaders’ for the Tea Party

Last week, Bill O’Reilly objected to Bernie Goldberg‘s assertion that Fox News tends to downplay “conservative screw-ups.” Well on Monday’s O’Reilly Factor, Goldberg joined O’Reilly to re-hash that debate.

Goldberg said Fox has the best newscast on TV as well as the best Sunday show and the best Washington bureau in the business. Most importantly though, he said, it serves as a “counterbalance to the liberal media.” He also said Fox is the only network willing to engage in an honest debate about media bias.

Overall, he said, conservatives and liberals tend to protect their own and be more tough to the other side. In addition, according to Goldberg, liberals and conservatives have their “favorites” in the media. Point in case, he said, was when Fox acted as “cheerleaders” for the Tea Party, just as other networks did so for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Goldberg also hit Fox for some of its personalities’ efforts to “turn this yahoo rancher from Nevada into an American folk hero, simply because he was against the federal government, and so are they,” referring to Cliven Bundy.

O’Reilly said the only conservative on Fox “in terms of his presentation” is Sean Hannity, and conservatives “deserve” a conservative news hour each day. O’Reilly insisted there’s only one hour of conservative programming on Fox per day, but Goldberg immediately pushed back, saying there’s “a lot more to Fox” than the shows they mentioned.

On the Cliven Bundy story, O’Reilly said it seemed at first that the rancher was being oppressed, but said he “didn’t do” the story immediately because he wanted to know more, and Goldberg said that’s because “you’re a journalist.” Those who dove into it, O’Reilly said, “eventually saw” the truth of it, “it turned.”

Goldberg ultimately concluded that Fox “pandered” to their audience with the Bundy story because it was good for ratings.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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