Bill de Blasio: ‘The Last Thing The President’ Should Do is ‘Politicize This Tragedy’

Mayor Bill de Blasio appeared on CNN’s New Day Wednesday morning to praise New Yorkers in the wake of yesterday’s terror attack in lower Manhattan — and urge President Donald Trump not to “politicize this tragedy.”

De Blasio, who attended New York City’s Halloween Parade downtown just hours after the attack, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that “almost a million people” attended the yearly event despite the attack.

“And Chris, you know New Yorkers. The attitude is one of strength, perseverance. People are not going to have their lives changed by someone who’s trying to undermine our society,” de Blasio said.

“I was so impressed by my fellow New Yorkers there, they’re going to go about their lives, they’re not going to let the terrorists ever win,” he continued, before praising the police officer who shot attacker Sayfullo Saipov.

“A young officer five-years on the force, steps in, stops this terrorist,” de Blasio said. “New Yorkers are very proud of how the NYPD handled this situation.”

Later in the segment, Cuomo asked de Blasio about those who are blaming the attack on Muslims, and “what they’re calling an open border policy”:

De Blasio replied that “the last thing the president, or anyone else should do, is politicize this tragedy.”

“We have to find out what happened here,” he continued. “In the end, the last thing we should do is cast aspersions on whole races of people, or whole religions or whole nations. That only makes the situation worse. The bottom line is, anyone who wants to come to this country should be very thoroughly vetted as an individual. But the minute you start generalizing it, especially to a whole religion, then we’re sending the exact negative message that our enemies want sent.”

“We respect all people in America, that’s about American a value as there is,” de Blasio concluded. “So no, this should not be politicized.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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