Bill Kristol Refuses To Disparage Glenn Beck On Morning Joe: “I’ll Do It On Fox”

Try as they might, the crew of Morning Joe could not get Bill Kristol elucidate further on his spat with the “men bearing chalk boards” as Joe Scarborough put it. Kristol was just one of the many who took Glenn Beck to task over his week-long caliphate review, writing a scathing article in the Weekly Standard comparing Beck to the John Birch Society. Beck hit back on his radio show yesterday and it was clear that the MSNBC panel would have loved to see Round Three take place on their set but, to no avail. Kristol explained that he would rather settle the score with Beck on Fox News, joking that that’s where it’s “fair and balanced.”

Mostly, though, he seemed annoyed at the assertion that this was the first time a Conservative had said anything against Beck.

“That’s not fair at all. Matt Continetti had a long piece a year ago – partly on Glenn Beck, the Tea Party, what was healthy and not so admirable, certain strains of thoughts among people like Glenn Beck. So I don’t think it’s fair to say, ‘Oh, you guys should be calling him out and monitoring everyone on your side.’ We publish what we believe in The Weekly Standard and I’m happy to defend what I say.”

So, will we see a Beck/Kristol match up on Fox News? Well, it’s certainly more likely than a Beck/Stewart one.

Check out the segment from MSNBC below:

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