WATCH: Biographer Recalls ‘Odd’ Moment When Trump Tried to Show Him His Bone Spurs


A Trump biographer told an odd tale about President Donald Trump‘s bone spurs to CNN’s Don Lemon late Wednesday night.

Trump’s bone spur deferment is back in the news thanks to a New York Times report. In that report, Elysa Braunstein said that her father gave Trump a diagnosis of bone spurs to keep him out of the Vietnam War as a favor to Trump’s father Fred, who was the foot doctor’s landlord.

As a result of helping the future president stay out of the war, Braunstein’s father was able to get things fixed.

“If there was anything wrong in the building, my dad would call and (Fred) Trump would take care of it immediately,” she said.

Braunstein’s sister Sharon Kessel also said that the bone spur favor was made to the Trumps.

Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio told Lemon on Wednesday night that the sisters’ story rang true with him because favors are just how the Trumps do business.

He then suggested that even if the bone spurs diagnosis was done as a favor, even now President Trump might not know the whole story.

“I’m not even sure actually that the president knows the truth about this,” D’Antonio said.

Then he told this tale: “This is the odd thing: He may have been examined. He took off his shoes and tried to show me these bone spurs. I didn’t see anything.”

The New York Times was unable to find documentation to help support the sisters’ claim.

Trump has admitted he got a “strong letter” from a doctor — who he did not name — to give to draft officials.

Watch above, via CNN

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