BREAKING: Gunman Kills At Least 10 in Live-Streamed Shooting at Buffalo Grocery Store (UPDATES)


Police in Buffalo, New York have confirmed that a gunman opened fire at a grocery store, killing 8 to 10 people. Some reports indicated the shooter had been killed but the Buffalo Police Department has tweeted that the suspect is in custody.

Buffalo News reports that 10 individuals were killed by a gunman “wearing body armor” at a Tops supermarket.

“It’s like walking onto a horror movie, but everything is real. It is Armageddon-like,” a police official at the scene told Buffalo News. “It is so overwhelming.”

A recently retired Buffalo police officer is one of the deceased, officials with the department confirmed on Saturday. The BPD tweeted on Saturday confirming a suspect is in custody.

More from Buffalo News:

Shonnell Harris, an operation manager at the Tops, said she heard gun shots and ran frantically through the store, falling several times before exiting out the back. She saw the shooter, whom she described as a white man wearing camouflage. “He looked like he was in the Army.” Harris thought she heard 70 shots.

The Twitch livestream was reported by BNO news:

The Buffalo Police Department confirmed that the suspect was taken into custody. In a video shared on Facebook, a man in military fatigues can be seen being taken into custody. He appeared to have been armed with a semi-automatic rifle.

Saturday’s attack was live-streamed on Twitch and screenshots from the recording showed horrific scenes, including a woman who is shot in the head as she walks outside the store. In other screenshots, victims can be seen on the floor of the supermarket.

A 106-page online manifesto, believed to have been uploaded by the shooter, explained that he was motivated by a conspiracy theory that white people are being replaced by other races. In the document, he says he is 18 years old and a self-described white supremacist and anti-semite.

This is a breaking story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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