Brian Kilmeade: Trump Rally ‘Send Her Back’ Chants Gave ‘MSNBC and CNN Something to Focus On’


“Send her back” chants broke out during Wednesday night’s Trump Rally held in Greenville, North Carolina after President Donald Trump began criticizing Rep. Ilhan Omar, which has caused something of a firestorm of criticism for the clear xenophobia on display on cable news.

Well, not all of cable news. Predictably, the criticism has mostly come from MSNBC and CNN, which was noted by Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade Thursday morning, after guest Guy Benson admitted that he was not a fan of the ugly chant.

During a live studio version of the top-rated morning show, Benson offered an analysis of Trump’s rally speech, offering the usual commentary that “this was Trump in his element” and the crowd was huge and enthusiastic “hanging on every word.” But then he somewhat surprisingly added that he “wasn’t a fan of some of the people chanting ‘send her back’ about Ilhan Omar,” calling it “not a great look” for President Trump.

Kilmeade jumped in to add, “It gives MSNBC and CNN something to focus on as opposed to a raucous speech that not any of the 24 (Democratic candidates) could possibly have done.”

It is true that it’s difficult to imagine a “send her back” chant breaking out at a rally held by any Democratic candidate, but it may be odd for some to see Kilmeade suggest that the real issue with this chant is that it allows cable news programming to focus on something negative, and not the dangerously xenophobic chant itself.

Kilmeade is correct, however, to say that the ugly chants will be the focus on competitive networks, but raises the question: why shouldn’t it be the focus?

Watch above via Fox News.

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