Stelter to Kellyanne Conway: White House In Crisis ‘Whether You Recognize It or Not’


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning for what turned into a lengthy, combative and contentious interview with host Brian Stelter. The two went back and forth over issues such as the White House’s consistent attacks and special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

And, at one point, Stelter pointed out to Conway that despite her spin, it seemed apparent that the Trump administration is in a crisis mode.

“I appreciate your point about the president’s momentum,” he said. “But this is a White House in crisis whether you recognize it or not.”

The veteran pollster fired back, asking Stelter where he was getting that because she works at the White House and that’s not what she is witnessing.

Conway also took issue with Stelter bringing up the president’s low approval rating, shooting back that Trump’s popularity is still higher than the media and Congress while imploring both to do their job:

“Americans are looking at the media. they’re looking at Congress and saying, do your job. your job is not to Russia, Russia, Russia all day long and hoping that something will drop from heaven and this will be real and not phony.”

After she rattled off a list of issues she wanted CNN to cover, Stelter sarcastically noted that she should be an “assignment editor” before pointing out that the big scandals surrounding the White House should be covered, especially on a show like his focused on the media.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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