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Bristol Palin Cha-Chas Her Way Through Her Debut ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Performance

The most momentous TV occasion since that time LeBron James inexplicably hijacked the news cycle for an hour finally arrived today: Bristol Palin debuted her Cha-Cha on Dancing with the Stars, clad in a frilly red dress and blazer (just in case mom was watching, we assume).

If there is one thing that is abundantly clear in her performance, it’s that she is not a professional dancer. She’s nervous and awkward and doesn’t do anything too complicated. But she definitely did not enter Kate Gosselin or, Heaven forbid, Tom DeLay territory, and given her tenuous grasp on the title “Star” to begin with, this seems like a commendable feat. It was cheesy and certainly something young Tripp will be made fun of for when he goes to school, but Bristol Palin held her own more than many expected, and more than some of the other characters on the show (yes, The Situation, we mean you).

The judges seemed to agree, and one could already see a future Tea Party meme in the making: the judges were kinder to Bristol’s dancing than the Lamestream Media has been to her mother’s politics. There was also a “too soon” virginity joke and a compliment on her legs which, while we’re forced to submit to a reality wherein Bristol Palin is a “star,” is nice to hear. Most 19-year-olds in the spotlight don’t get to have anything approximating curves without being called fat, and Palin has a platform through which to help change that. We’ll see what she does with it next week, if she survives the first round.

Her shockingly acceptable performance via ABC below:

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