C-SPAN Cuts Off Audio After Caller Shouts ‘Death to the Ni**er Obama’

A C-SPAN caller threatened the life of former president Barack Obama on Sunday.

Washington Post‘s Paul Waldman was appearing on the show when he says a caller went on a racist tirade about the former president.

“The most exciting part of my appearance on C-SPAN this morning was definitely when a caller shouted ‘Death to the ni**er Obama!'” Waldman tweeted after the show.

Just prior to the call, talk was centered around President Donald Trump hiring Omarosa Manigault and Trump’s questionable hiring practices.

That is when they went to a call on the Republican line from a man named Christopher.

“Yes good morning,” Christopher begins before adding, “Barack Obama is an illegal alien.”

“How do you know this?” the host responds, but Christopher is not done yet.

He starts to talk again, but the audio is abruptly cut off.

When the sound comes back a few seconds later, the host is heard saying that they will try to get someone “who has something constructive” to add to the conversation.

Watch above, via C-SPAN.

[image via screengrab]

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