Cardiologist on CNN Blasts Trump for Scheduling Rally in ‘Hot Zone’ as Tulsa Covid Cases Spike: ‘That’s How You Propagate the Pandemic’


Former Bush White House medical adviser, Dr. Jonathan Reiner, called out President Donald Trump for his campaign’s contradictory messages about public health as coronavirus cases and hospitalizations continue to grow in a number of states around the country.

On CNN’s Erin Burnett Outfront, Reiner argued that the president’s 2020 effort is working against continued vigilance agains the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The White House has really an irreconcilable conflict of interest,” Reiner said. “The president is running for re-election and they have to pretend that we’re moving back to normal. And if the president or vice president is seen wearing a mask in public, that looks decidedly abnormal. It’s a conflict of interest. How dare the president or the vice president go into a crowd and not promote the use of masks.”

Burnett then pointed to the Trump campaign’s decision restart campaign rallies in five states, even as the CDC warns against large, indoor gatherings. “What do you say about the campaign rallies?” she asked, and noted the irony of the Trump campaign requiring anyone who registers for next week’s rally in Tulsa to accept a liability waiver indemnifying it and the president from any lawsuits should they contract the coronavirus.

“I think if the risk is low and if it’s safe to gather in large numbers at a political rally I would just challenge the president to drop that disclaimer, drop that proviso to the attendees,” Reiner said. “Why is the president asking attendees to assume a risk? Look, the CDC today issued guidance on large gatherings, and they warned about it. Tulsa is a place which actually today had a record number of cases. So, the president is holding a rally in a hot zone. That’s how you propagate the pandemic.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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