CBS’ Brennan Presses Kellyanne Conway: Why Doesn’t Trump Believe His Own DOJ, Intel Agencies on Russian Interference?


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway appeared on Face the Nation Sunday and spoke with Margaret Brennan about the impeachment hearings.

Conway swiped at the Democrats and brought up the hand-wringing from some members about going forward with impeachment after the two weeks of hearings thus far.

At one point, Brennan brought up President Donald Trump’s comments to Fox & Friends saying again that Ukraine has the “server.” Brennan noted that Fiona Hill had testified “this is something that’s propagated by Russian security services, it’s a false narrative.”

She showed a clip from 60 Minutes‘ interview with Trump DOJ official John Demers the Russians were clearly behind the hacking and dumping of Democratic party information, saying this is something “we could prove… beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Brennan asked, “Why doesn’t the president believe his own Justice Department and intelligence experts?”

“The president has said he accepts that,” Conway said. “But also there are plenty of ways to interfere in an election.”

“But he was specifically talking about the DNC server,” Brennan said.

“But if we’re doing this, we’re back to Mueller,” Conway said, before going off on a tear about the the Mueller investigation.

“We have done a great deal in our White House across our administration to secure our elections in the future,” she continued. “We agree with that, but I don’t want the impeachment process, I don’t want members of the mainstream media… to interfere in the 2020 election the way they tried in the 2016 election. ‘She’s gonna win, he has zero percent chance of winning.’ That’s a different kind of interference, and that’s dangerous too.”

You can watch above, via CBS.

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