Chris Christie: SDNY is ‘Trying to Build a Case’ to Indict Trump When He Leaves Office


Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, also a former federal prosecutor and early Trump supporter, said he’s confident the Southern District of New York is seeking to build a case against President Donald Trump for when he leaves office.

“They’re trying to build a case,” Christie said of the Southern District on CNN Thursday night. He noted that Michael Cohen said in his hearing Wednesday that he was in constant contact with the Southern District, and is aware of other potential crimes that he can’t speak about because the Southern District instructed him not to.

Christie noted he has previously stressed that the Southern District investigation has always been a bigger threat to Trump than Robert Mueller‘s Russia investigation.

“The reason for that is three-fold,” Christie said. “First, they have no limit on their scope. Bob Mueller has a limit on his scope. It’s Russia and Russia related activities. Second, Michael Cohen, third Rick Gates.”

“They have two tour guides that can take them through the Trump businesses,” Christie explained.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked Christie what the point of such investigations are, given Justice Department guidelines that a sitting president cannot be indicted.

“What they’re doing — and I’m confident — is building a case for two things,” Christie continued. “One, to go after those around the president who may have committed crimes.”

“And two, to build the case — if they have one, I don’t think they have one at the moment, but they’re trying to build one — against the president for when he leaves office.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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