Chris Cuomo Flips the Script on Laura Ingraham: ‘If You Don’t Like What America Is, You Leave’


CNN’s Chris Cuomo turned the tables on Fox News’ Laura Ingraham last night with his monologue in response to her controversial comments about America’s changing ethnic demographics.

Ingraham came under fire this week for saying “the America that we know and love doesn’t exist anymore” thanks to “massive demographic changes” caused by legal and illegal immigration. Since Ingraham spoke of these changes as something America never voted for and doesn’t want, Cuomo pulled out a recent Gallup poll which found that most Americans still believe legal immigration is a good thing.

“You know what? That number should be higher,” Cuomo said. “And you know who agrees with me? Trump’s in-laws.”

Indeed, Cuomo referenced the news that Melania Trump‘s Slovenian parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, became U.S. citizens this week. The Knavs previously lived in America as green card holders, and since their daughter helped them obtain official citizenship, Cuomo called this a form of chain migration that President Donald Trump has spoken out strongly against.

“I argue this is beyond partisan. This is beyond politics. This is objectively ugly and I will be damned if I’m going to just listen to the idea that people like my grandparents and waves of people like them, millions in this country, are going to be discounted as some abhorrent aspect of a pure place.”

Cuomo concluded by saying that if Ingraham dislikes the kind of diversity that makes America better, she can take a page out of the tribalism playbook and get out of the country.

“To turn a phrase back on our us-versus-them friends, if you don’t like what America is, you leave,” Cuomo said. “America does not need to become great again. She will only become greater by being more of what she already is.”

Ingraham’s broadcast last night began just as Cuomo’s ended. In it, the Fox News host addressed the controversy over her words by insisting critics were distorting her point, which she claims wasn’t about ethnicity. She also denounced former KKK leader David Duke as a “racist freak” (Duke had previously tweeted his support for Ingraham’s statements) while adding that her comments were not intended to support white nationalists.

Watch above, via CNN.

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